At Colin of London 80% of our clients opt to do a No-chip manicure over a traditional manicure. The No-chip gel is applied like polish but cures under either a UV or LED light. LED is the preferred lamp because the cure time is 30 seconds per coat over 2+ minutes per coat with UV, and without the harmful effects of UV radiation.  Colin of London chooses to use only LED lamp curing to protect their clientele from any harm, resulting in a 30 min manicure that is completely dry upon completion. The No-chip method we use lasts a full 2 weeks + without chipping or pealing and soaks off completely in 10-15 min, all without harming the nail bed.

*We do not use acid primers or drills prior to applying no chip nail polish. When the nail plate is properly prepped the polish will adhere and remove easily without removing layers of your natural nail.