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Dry salt therapy is a natural and safe means of providing a variety of health benefits to adults, children, and even pets. Mimicking the Salt Caves of ancient Europe, it improves overall wellness by detoxifying the skin and respiratory system, which strengthens immune function and improves appearance.

Scientific research has confirmed that the microparticles of salt have a beneficial effect on the skin’s protective layer and hair follicles. Salt therapy provides pH normalization and induces reparative and regenerative processes in the derma, which helps heal and beautify the skin. In addition, salt therapy improves mucous flow in the airways and sinus cavities, which improves lung function and may help speed recovery from upper respiratory tract infections.

Salt therapy rooms are generally relaxation rooms that provide a tranquil experience. Most salt caves accompany multiple people during a session. Our cabins are private. You can choose to benefit from your session alone, or because our cabins are spacious, two people can benefit from a single session together. During the session you will be surrounded by a very fine aerosol of dry salt particles that are barely visible to the eye. The lights are dim, calming music is played and you can choose to meditate, rest or simply breath.  Salt Therapy provides multiple respiratory and skin benefits, as well as mental and emotional relaxation, which reduces stress, and improves sleep.


Did you know Salt Therapy is great for athletes? The inhalation of salt reduces inflammation and congestion that can cause airways to restrict. Clearing the airways results in more efficient oxygenation of the blood, as well as a more effective removal of CO2, which leads to increased stamina and reduced recovery time.


Relaxing and invigorating “salt cabin” experience! Love the effect this has on my sleep and relief it brings to my sinus issues. Will definitely be back.

Nicole S

I've been coming to this salon since 2007, I believe. I love it. Gabby is fantastic!

Here's what it comes down to, besides the fact that I adore Gabby.
Prior to finding CoL years ago, I went to many salons and couldn't get a good cut at the right price. Here, the price is more than reasonable for the quality and the neighborhood. Far less expensive than their fancy salon neighbors. Since the salon is small and simple, I really believe you're not paying for unreasonable overhead and you're simply paying for the quality of your stylist.
The salon is clean, my appointments always start on time, things run efficiently, and Lisa is always friendly and prompt with managing appointments and payment.
As I've been going here long enough, I can also offer the observation that clients of other stylists always leave looking wonderful as well.
Frankly, I won't trust anyone else around with my hair but Gabby. I trust her judgment and her skills. She'll be doing my hair and my bridal party's hair for my wedding this year, and I can't wait.
Rachael D

I've been coming here since my senior year of high school in 2006 and have NEVER been disappointed! The warm welcoming feeling that Lisa gives upon arrival to the personalized and caring service Gabriela and Paul provide is absolutely exquisite!
For today, I scheduled a hair appointment and forgot to schedule myself a mani and pedi somewhere else, for after. My hair usually takes 2 hours, and then I would have spent 2 more hours somewhere else for nails.. little did I know they do them HERE, AND at the same time as the hair service! In all my time coming here I never asked what other services they offer, and BOOM, got it all done!
Anelle C

Lisa does the best mani/pedi in the country! I've been a client for over 15 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. I've sent tons of people there and they have become loyal clients, too. Great quality, service and care with a family like environment!
Elise J

50 E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 664-8690